Starting the writing of evening with class.

Will do on this laptop, close the Sonic one.  Nearly 4:30 and I’m about to pour some Chardonnay.  Do my EOD.  Think of what else to write to keep self writing.  Tonight’s classes, part of the assignment.  Need to raise mood after the only 3 miles I ran, the half-mile walked.  Tomorrow already written.  Feel like that’s boring, to have it too planned and penned.  To have a general idea can’t be too much a negative, can it?

Student telling me he and his wife are divorcing.  Feel bad for him, but I had to laugh when he said something in his email like “I know you’re going to urge that I write about it…” That’s how people see me, know me, anticipate what I’m going to say and suggest, declare or imply.  All from writing.

Yes, definitely need a glass.  Should be chilled by now.  Put in fridge at, what, like 3-something?  2?  I don’t care honestly.  This is a mood before I have to “teach”.  Why did I take those goddamn assign—  Don’t.  Just make it what you want it to be.  A book, or story, or just jots.