Typing this right onto the blog, which I rarely do. Trying to put self in that different frame and shape of thinking. Only ran two, I mean THREE, miles. Half-mile walk/cooldown following. Felt more odd than I ever have after a run at lunch. So I’ve declared lunch runs illegal. Planning to wake tomorrow and leap onto bike seat, pedal for my life for an hour.

Posted for classes tonight. One sale for day, hoping to maybe pull off one or in a stretch two more, but I’m seeing them either landing tomorrow or early next week.

Day slowing down. Ideas for prospecting. Write them down. In a minute. Finish coffee first.

House quiet but that’ll end soon. Writing tomorrow’ plan.. bike, writing, kids to school (or Zoom screen), then back to chair.

May need another cup of coffee. What would that do.

Maybe I should switch to wine. I mean, it’s a stressful time right? Covid, the election, being alive, kids, this great wine in my house…. the only logical option is to have some of that Chardonnay. Kidding, I won’t, but I try to imagine the day and how it’d change if I did.

More free writing, FREELY writing. Wine can help with that.