9:48 and only now am I at the desk.

Took kids to zoom school across town so much quieter in house, which only makes me miss them tremendously.  Then watching Henry for a bit, and now here wondering why this one prospect isn’t submitting her goddamn contract.  Also….  running.  I AM running today.  AND, challenging self to drink more water.  Much more.  After this 4-shot latte skipping into sparkling water.

Finally last night having a wine that was music I’d never heard, a translation of Petite Sirah from Ridge.  Not sure I’ve ever had a PS from them.  Only had a couple glasses, but that was enough.  Having the rest tonight and finishing notes.

Starting my prospecting beat today going street by street.  Starting in Novato.  Can feel he caffeine getting ahead of me so maybe I should pair the latte with a sparkling water, newest thought.  Alongside thoughts of covid and when this thing will be quelled.  When will it go away.

“Lists”, I write in the 1948.  Running, coffee from tumbler, 4-shot latte…. Deprive character of what’s craved, see how character reacts.  Write as me but not at all as me.  More removed than just “subjective”.