Halloween in ten days.

Won’t be much a Halloween this year.  Feel bad for all the kids but secretly happy that we won’t be walking around the streets having to dig crowds of others’ kids and the occasional car speeding up San Miguel.  Know that’s wrong but…. What I’m thinking.

Henry calling upstairs…

Quick change, quick snuggle, put him back down and I skip down the stairs to be back at desk or table, and then he protests.  Like I’m learning time all over again, what it’s like to have a newborn. How to be a parent.  Again.

Notes for day, and from last night… which reminds me to email a student.

Distracted by email, notes, communications and other tasks.  IS this a flaw of mine, or a strange strength?  Was told recently the latter, but who knows.

Kids this morning very agreeable, and cooperative, and it alarmed me.  Even Emma, waking her and helping her out of the tent on her bed, not saying much just smiling, getting dressed, “Okay Dada, brus’ my teeth!” I was not shocked or surprised, just not familiar with this character.  I like her, love her, just need to know her.  Going to bed an hour earlier last night helps, obviously.  Again I’m still learning and learning all over again how to do this dad stuff.