Call with old friend from the wine industry days,

Brittany, the one who recently worked a harvest for…. Can’t remember.  Cutrer?  Either way she’s looking for a part-time assignment in a Healdsburg Square tasting room while she studies for her real estate exam.  We talked about real estate life and sales life in that context, I told her to start gathering business cards now, or that she should think about it and would more than likely benefit from doing so.  She said something like “Oh for sure… you’re selling yourself… you make your own leads….” Not teaching me anything new or even reminding me of anything, but enforcing the AE reality, the Architecture to the About Everything atmosphere and collective day.

Looking through tech businesses, and Graphic Design and Web Design businesses.. web-based anything.  Jotting ideas in the 1948 journal which now I’m just calling 1948.  Starting my whoso would B web design project – Blog Architecture, Light Web Design and Marketing, Narrative…. 

Have to get out of this house and somehow into the street. If not in 2020, then 2021.  First full day of open business after turn of year.

Idea written in 1948, new one… project.  Feeling an all-nighter coming, this evening.  No wine, only caffeine.