2:18pm.  4 miles.

Had a quick and small lunch.  Still no spending today.  Can’t believe it.  Budget set for next week and know where money from tomorrow’s checks is going.

Did some more prospecting, in SF for marketing and ad firms, and now I spot PR firms in Marin and Berkeley.  Left message for dental office in Fountaingrove, where I sent contract yesterday.  Going to be a little more aggressive with callbacks tomorrow.  Promising self.  And, more aggressive with running, writing in the morning.  While on run I played with the idea of the day always being put in four parcels.  Writing, Business, Running, Notes.  I’m not one much anymore to write at night, so notes… and running has to be a lunch effort.  Writing in the morning will further my startup and ideas for the startup, even a business out of productivity in the more painful hours, such as 4 or 5 or 6, AM.

Want some coffee.  Not tired, chewing gum keeping me awake, but I want that extra throw to the screen, maybe into some calls.  In a minute, in a minute I tell myself trying not freak out too much, perambulating back and forth from vision to vision, thinking how am I going to not teach next semester.  Booked those two ‘5’ classes, oh I didn’t tell you that.  So, yeah, I have two sections of Critical Thinking next term.  This gives me a strong and frowning deadline:  Generate enough business so you won’t have to take those courses.  All Bottledaux, all Mike Madigan… writing, speaking on my own and offering ideas on wine and essay writing, journals… I should be writing this at 4-something in the morning.  I don’t have calls to make then. I do now, 2:25pm.  Shit, should get to it…