No latte. Everyone had their breakfast,

Emmie didn’t eat much of hers so I subbed in and that takes care of me dietarily till dinner.  Changed Henry, and remembering how in the doc I last night watched he had three kids.  Not sure why some see having kids, 1 or 2 or 3 or however many as a coffin nail.  It’s more than merely motivating me.  I’m charged and ablaze with what I want….  Bottledaux, vinovinevin, marketing and sales forces.  Creative in word and visual.

About to go through old pictures in camera, of vineyards and wines, wine events, people and wondering if I would ever leave CA.  The air outside is overwhelming and discouraging in its repugnant nuance.  I honestly don’t know.  I’m thinking about it, but of course leaving my family, Mom Dad Katie, is not something that eases me.  It saddens me, horribly, to be honest.  Toying with thoughts, nothing more.  Looking out window again, hearing all the people we have in this house…. Crowded and exiled to this corner, my thoughts run away with me and jail me in lull.

Sip coffee, snap out of it.  Strangely tired, not allowing nap.  Stop thinking, I tell self.  Ordered, decreed… writing self a citation for thinking, and if I think too much then further demerit.  Wines bought yesterday behind me in box, still can’t remember what I bought.  Quivira Sauv Blanc, Carmel Road Chardonnay….  Woodenhead Pinot, Rusack Syrah, Optima Cab.  May get into whites tonight… the Chard to start I’m thinking.  Relationship with Chardonnay of late increasing in interest and intensity.  Follow that, I self note.

Need to write a former student, responding to a question she messaged me last night, “Do you think everyone has a writing affinity?” My response to her was simply no, but promised to elaborate through conversation.

Starting hike through pictures..