There aren’t 31 days in September, are there?

Anyone in my spot or with my thinking pattern loves October.  Making it a sort of NaNoWriMo month for me, but for everything.  Business, my AE story, everything.

Opened a Petite Sarah last night from Stags’ Leap.  One of the more engaging wines I’ve had in recent nights or wine sittings.  For sure would be in the shop, just for its soft complexion and composition.  Was like a series of essays in the bottle and vignettes, poems and songs sent and singing to me.  I need more wines like that.  Most wines I’ve had as you know just haven’t said a thing to me.  Nothing.  I drank something, and that’s it.

Henry going in today for his appointment.  I’m hoping for 8 pounds, but told that may not be realistic.  This week, weekend, he’ll be 3 weeks old.  How.  Jack in the office with me over at his little desk doing something, I look at him and think HOW.  How is he going to be 9 next year.  And Emma 5, FIVE, next month.

I open the blinds, get some light in the office.  Only one of the tents in here, Jack’s Spider-Man while Emma elected retreat and relocation to her room.

Two things I wanted done this morning are checked or with X next to them in 1948 journal.  Put two things in file box, and this entry of no specific length.

Onto second cup.  Thinking Sumatra this round, or French.  What did I have last cup?