Cancelled Weebly account.  No more  Situated fully and fervently in the vinovinevin wine blog shop, and #bottledaux, #professormikey to a lesser extent.  Where I am in life, my life’s work, has to wine and writing.  Yes maybe certain connected projects, but everything from where I started, #vinolit… wine and literature.

Glad I did this.  Consolidation, the “great consolidation” as I used to note self years ago.  FINALLY.

Going to store in a bit, look through wines and get some lunch.

Simplification.  Could write a book on that.  My advice, just toss everything into the trash.  Even shit you’re not supposed to.  The kids too, if it’ll clear some space.  Kidding of course but I’m in this particular mind after cancelling the site I’ve had for about 5 years…. Just write about wine, blog it all, sell everything you taste I tell myself.