8:53am. Everyone awake. Write when I can…

9:36am.  Latte and back at desk.  Listening to new songs on way back to house.  The morning, off ground.  Just checked on HL and he’s still sleeping.  Having trouble with sentences next, the ones to follow… music not working on this laptop.  Why.  Log out then back in, I guess.  Garbage man here, loud and annoying.  What if they invented a quiet garbage truck and service… huh…..

Coffee, or latte caffeine, not working quick enough.  Kids skirmish over what morning cartoon to watch.  Everything off desk, feel self getting manic with everything.  Centralize, singularize…..  Returning to AE sea, first thing I’m doing is re-writing my journal habits, how I log production.

Project: THIS HOUSE.  Ordering new towels for kitchen and bathrooms.  What else can I do….  Homes, houses and real estate.  Architecture.  Houses in Healdsburg, Petaluma, some in Marin I’m looking at.  Want an ACTUAL backyard, maybe a wrap-around porch.  Somewhat of a modern victorian visual and feel. 

Find another picture on camera, an older one from the Dutcher Crossing days.  Walking the vineyards, I again see it as so much fo who I am and what I want with wine and writing wine, writing about all my days in tasting rooms and everyone I’ve met from somms to winemakers, tasting room manager nitwits, inept management, and people that just love wine.  I would spend lunches, all 30 minutes, just cruising those rows.  Taking pictures here and there but more so just walking, being, meditation but more than that.

Calm, presently, but only after Jack protested the cartoon Emma selected.

Found another picture.  I look through the camera pictures, scrolling down and just casually looking around and it’s obvious that there is nothing else I’m meant to write.  Wine.  And everything I learn from it, from HER.

Wake up earlier, like the hardest-working harvest crews.  Not this harvest for the most part as it’s either cancelled or put on hold.  It’s there for me… why do I ever leave.  Why do I EVER let myself get distracted.  Never mind that… the picture, where’d it go?  My desktop is a mess.  Added to list, will try and clean or organize later.