6:35 – Henry has been up for a bit. Me, still tired.

Architecture… houses, kitchens, rooms.

Nitro coffee, sip slow.

Henry calm, only making small sweet noises, staring at sides of swing, colors and shapes

May take a nap when back from taking kids to zoom school

AE notes, thoughts, plans, strategy… voice

Fascinated by simple record keeping, notes, stats…. doctors and nurses with levels, MAF with her tracking of ounces in feeds.

Trecini PN last night, not moving me, not coercing me to do anything. Not the wine’s fault, not mine, just reporting.

Keep looking for wines with literature and ideological geography to them.

The Pinot, the Dutcher Chardonnay the other night, even the TDP PN…. not bad wines, just not changing me. Great wines, actually… but still just wine. Something to explore… a book, maybe more. Wine not connecting with this writer, why. Figure it out. What if I can’t.

Home. Stopped at Starbucks for oatmeal and mocha for MAF. Now, nap. Still wanting to walk a vineyard. Maybe later… treat self to a drive to Alexander Valley. Pictures. Or just a walk, no captures but the visual itself to eyes.

9:14, down for nap goes the writer. Vineyard walk thoughts still have me caught. Stay in house, I tell self. Use the Covid cage and cloud for more visualization… writing the walk from that tiny table.

11:26. Up from nap. Weird dreams. Another nitro coffee and some egg bites. Getting kids soon. Henry asleep. Definitely needed that nap.

Thinking about the big kids I now call them, Jack & Emma. They keep growing, I keep getting old. Can I change the rules of this parenting and, well, life thing?

Just coffee, no nitro. Honestly that shit scares me a little. Can sip this slow, hangout with Henry down here while he sleeps. Today is Day 15 with him on planet.

Took a couple sips then put it down. Handful of pictures of Henry. Can take too many I tell self even if they’re all pretty much the same shot just slightly different angle or tilt, pan.

Not excited about the rest of that Pinot. What do I do with my wine life. I’m trying to open a business within a year. Small winery as well. I guess go back to sales and marketing, or just marketing basics of speaking to your audience. Who would like that Pinot… the everyday supper. Not going to do the whole novice or expert polarization. It’s a bottle for a picnic, nothing elaborate. Sip it while cooking if you cook or with snacks, not fancy hors d’ouevres. It’s not a “fancy” character. Not meant to be…. There, I feel better.

Going to place another wine order tonight when doing budget, from K&L. Nothing over $40, I’m having the borders and boundaries be. Half domestic, half import I further rule.

Next year, Covid or no… I’m making wine. Two bbls. Of something. Maybe go back to Merlot, like I did at Kunde in ‘12.

Thought I just heard little HL laugh.