Not much writing over the past couple days, just notes really.

Find myself sometimes intentionally and other un’ rationalizing excuses from Henry’s presence.  I didn’t write ‘cause I was tired…. didn’t write ‘cause I had to feed him…. Didn’t write at EOD I was just too tired and needed to relax.  None of these are rational, none of these will produce posts to blog or books.

Jack in office with me playing a game, and Emma coming down.  Wanting breakfast.  Another interruption, but one I like.  Just have to make habit and practice of returning.

Class tonight…. Not seeing it a class and not running it as class either.  That too has obstructed and interrupted writing.  My fault though, from perspective.

Emma protests from kitchen demanding I be with her, “Can somebody be with me?” she says.  Jack chews loudly his waffles behind me here in the office and just like that my session is cut.  Back at desk after taking them to zoom school I guess.