Only 9:31am, already I need a break.  So I’m taking one, over here on the couch.  Sipping my latte and listening to some chilled beats… Have to plan for tonight’s class.  Reasoned that this semester, with no hesitation or delay or excess thought, is my last at SRJC.  In this 365 project I’m realizing that there needs to be one manuscript with several sections, but the sections need be not cumbersome or inconsistent.

Mood elevating, making it a priority that certain certainties become reality, actually materialize.  And, more a risible rile in my writing.  Seeing this book finishing, and the blog going some where and me with it, like a flight I’m taking away from some despised voice and character.

Starting to write tonight’s meeting, not thrilled about it.  So…… write it differently.   Write differently, PERIOD.

Phones next to me, even the one for work.  Don’t want to be at that desk.  Not a fucking desk.  I don’t know if it’s a table really.  More like something you put in a room for staging, like “Okay in that corner there should be something…” It’s a something, for a corner.

Need to write about wine more.  Syrah last night…