10:26am, air conditioner already on.  Just called a business in Berkeley, guy sounded interested, so…. Sent him an email, will see where it goes.  Then other leads I have, businesses that have actual quotes and numbers, contracts, silent.  Is it these fires that are mucking up, well, everything?

Not hungry.  No charged or really motivated to look for businesses.  Is this a Monday thing? I’ve never believed in Mondays nor their effects, but today I feel like I do.  I feel like I feel Monday like others do, which I hate.  Tell self to ignore it.  Not give so many effs like one of the Senior AE’s told me months ago.

There, feel better.  Was just thinking a second ago while washing hands, the metaphor of washing something, cleansing it, making the entity clean, healthy, ready for presentation or interaction.  Then thoughts went to interacting with page, pages.  MY, pages.  How to force Mike Madigan to his ne plus ultra.

One thing, and I keep writing this, over and over and never doing it, waking earlier.  Bed earlier, that’s part of the solve.  That right there, if I do that, if any of us do, something will shift.  I could write about writing at the earlier of hours.  5, or even just after 4.  Will need coffee prepped for that.  Should head to store in a bit, get one f those ridiculously-sized boxes of k-cups.  That would give me an excuse or reasonable warrant to get a sandwich.  Sounds good… turkey, cheese, tomato pickle and onion.  Now I’m hungry.  Do I need sparkling waters?  Did I drink the last one?