Only now do I get a chance to write.

Well, I could have earlier but again took a nap after lunch, and lunch after an intense hour on the bike.

Dinner done, and having some Zin, the bottle I got the other day from Oliver’s and opened last night.  Not bad.  I mean, it’s a Zin.  And you know me and Zinfandel.  Nothing against it, nothing for it.  It’s just Zinfandel to me.

No stresses right now.  Thinking of class last night and my incorporation of humor in a way I haven’t done before.  Realizing the vigor and profitable potential of attitude, your own psychology and how you set it.

Leaving that leads group tomorrow.  My last morning, getting up at 7 pretending like I’m interested, invested, care.  I’m not angry with them, or even their cultish composition and behaviors, monotony.  I’m just going to do things differently.

This Zinfandel, much why I say what I do about Zin… Well wait, just sipped and that was pretty fucking good. Great…. Damn my honesty.  Why can’t I be more a liar.

Kids playing outside, throwing a ball against the neighbor’s house’s side.  Thank it all for that wall.  That’s what gives me this.  Time, chair, typing, day replay…. Settled.