this morning

…with the symbol of their fort, the process in its construction being a symbol… building something, like a business, a book, a blog, a winery, wine business, how Sonic was built and many see it as a fort of sorts… providing something, work and a safe house for production and income….  Build my own fort, I start today, Day 14 of the 365 project.

My office will be in Marin, San Rafael somewhere.  More than likely downtown.

Returning to the #prospectesk blog today, the project that’s meant to not only help with prospecting new business but be a resource, a domain of conversation and exchanging ideas….  Not securing the domain yet, starting with a ZERO budget, work from there.  Have that be part of the story, how I refused to spend a single cent in its development and initial construction.

Watches on desk’s top, wallet, journals, of course the IP Sonic phone, two laptops.  Couch behind me is more or less clear.  Going to be a rule from now on… only be at desk if you’re making calls.  It’s not comfortable in this chair and—  Where’s the pillow I had?  On couch.  Forgot, that was part of the fort.