Back from beach.  5:32, needing a beer after the drive and this humidity.  Said to Jack before we left it feels like Cuba.  Not that I’ve been to Cuba, but it’s in the Caribbean and I’ve heard it’s muggy there, I think?

Jack full of remarks and observations, comedy today.  And I mean, ALL day. Driving back from Bodega, Jack says “We just looked at cow butts,” I couldn’t stop laughing.  Not just from what he said, but the casual tone and near-expected speak of his speak.

Kids now playing with a jenga set I bought today at the store we always visit on our weekend Bodega trips.

All of us a bit drained from the intense thunderstorm this morning, waking me at 4.  All of us at 4.  And it was the wind, just like in ’17 and ’19 with the fires.  There was a warning of fire from “dry lightening” as the nixel text alert hollered.  Can’t remember the last time I saw lightening like that, anywhere much less CA.  It reminded me of the lightening I saw in Virginia in 2006 for Melissa’s sister’s wedding.

Reviewing notes from earlier…. Breakfast taking forever at Skillets, they apologizing and comping meal, leaving me with more budget for day which I spent of course on the little beats at the little Bay store.

Found an old invitation to Emma’s 2nd birthday.  Now she’s 4.  Oh I’m sorry, 4 and a half.  She’ll check me if I don’t specify.  Thankful for that.  Little Emma helps with writing in that angle and aspect, the specificity you each character intricacy. 

Article writing tonight.  All wine, I’m thinking.  In the tasting room by myself and tasting Pinot after Pinot while it was raining, then a couple people from the office coming in to join me.  We were tasting with no real objective, no specific analytical intent, just to see the differences amongst the bottles.  Was at Arista, 2015.  Need to order some bottles from them.  No convincing wines in the house at the moment, or none that really impress or saying anything of any significance.  But that’s me and wine right now.  We aren’t communicating… our association is of a distorted or eroded accord.  Have to figure out how a writer should handle.