9:29am – Looking for sales wherever I can find them. 

Taking a quick moment to collect… Day 2 of this 365 project.  A new attempt.  I never finish and follow-through, but what if I do this time.

4-mile run, maybe a dash more, scheduled for today.  Route planned…. Fulton flats then turn around or loop right after I finish mile 2.

4-shot latte, calls, emails… moving quicker.

Not about getting as much done as you can, or maybe it is.  So much around me, like Spring when this all started.  Wife on her teaching zoom calls, Emma watching Frozen 2, or 1, one of them.  Can’t imagine Jack not being at camps, but I’m going  to have to ‘cause that’s going to be the state of affairs next week.

More writing….. a piece today on wine, me and wine, me getting bored with wine.  Yes, bored with it.  The blend last night that I opened, bought I think the day before, saying next to nothing to me.