6.83 at 9:04, run today. 

Haven’t ran distance like that in far too long.  Going to bed at kids’ time tonight, running in A.M.  Plan.

On couch working, in living room, while Emmie watches a Bugs Bunny cartoon on my phone.

Meeting at 3.  What ideas am I sharing…  All prospecting.  New business.  The sight.  Finish that #prospectesk blog too, just remembered.

Forgot to make a call. I keep forgetting, lead…. Petaluma.

Made call, no lead.

New idea, no surprise…. Wine-put.  Production, in the tasting room, in the vineyard… everywhere in wine’s chime.

Writing on the Sonic computer and I promised myself I wouldn’t do that anymore.  Here I am, though.  Before the meeting.  Notes, in too many places.

Five years ago today, I think I was at Arista winery, helping out with tastings and some tours.

Emma telling me she wants to watch more Bugs Bunny on my phone I tell her know she become fiery confrontational even saying please.  It’s not that simple, gentle please, or even one that’s trying to charm and manipulate me..  Just a daggerish “PLEASE!”.

Tonight opening the blend I bought yesterday, and sip some of the Rose Drew brought over.