Cancelled wine meeting with someone I had scheduled today at 5.

Cleaning ladies just left.  Now to wait for plumber guy.  Will make more calls later.

Thinking about prospecting and how to get more traction.

Nearing 3 o’clock, and I need to get out of the house.  Go for a drive, check on Mom and Dad’s house have a glass of Chardonnay or something on the back deck or at the kitchen bar, something.  Hear music…. Was thinking in the shower a second ago about wine and music, blogging, happiness, and the whole DIY mentality.  Where it went and where it’s going I don’t know.

Above 90 outside.  Will be nice to drive with the window down and AC going.  Everyone wants to comment when I do that but it’s just something I do… cooled and natural air, blended.

Going to buy a mixed case from Bill, winemaker at Desmond.  Can’t decide if I like his label more r Chris’.  Like them both for different rationales.  Chris with the tasting room and Bill for his story… the entirety of his narration and those Pinots….. ugh…. I’ll text him my order and card before day’s over.

Need write from wine, more.  Use my wined walk and approaches in everything.  More in the AE sea.