10:46am.  Calls went well.

Reached out to law firm, left message.  Then just called referral partners and past leads.  One appointment set from calls….  Car dealer in Berkeley that I visited months ago when doing a canvass with a new AE.  Taking break now to collect thoughts, think of what to do next.  More calls to referrals partners and cards I’ve collected over the past year since joining Enterprise team…. Then I get another idea.  Written down.

Mood elevated as I’m just focused on my movement, what I’m doing… where I’m going.  Cleaning ladies in house working around me, being respectful of me which I appreciate but can’t help but be a bit distracted.  Just look at the screen… think of the businesses I want.  Then the analogy of cleanliness… clean connectivity.. clean narration, composition, clean operational consistency.  Hmmm….

See another business contact in my card stack.  Will call her after this brief collection, meditation and slight caesura in my sitting.  Loud noises from cleaning crew as the dust the blinds in other room.  Ignored.  Cash on left reminding me to tend to budget and finances for next week, and weekend.  Driving out to tasting room tomorrow, I’m pretty sure.  Give my I-9, maybe taste a little bit, talk about strategy, creative…. Love his wines, honestly.  Want a label like his one day, in the shop I run with my sister.  Wine teaches me everything about everything.  In business, writing, general character composition, and whatever else.

Headed to Mom and Dad’s for a quiet work area in a bit.  Well, need to wait for plumber to come by and fix the shitty handle/installation job he did.  Also need to cancel a meeting I set up for EOD, or make it virtual.

Vacuuming right behind me making it nearly impossible to concentrate.  And Melissa and Emma arrive home.  Again reminded with hard and harsh, dark sharpness that I need my own office.  Meditating.. seeing a view of a bay somewhere… Monterey.  Or somewhere in Santa Barbara.  The hotel I stayed at for my cousin’s wedding.  Anywhere.  Or, in Big Sur.  Some cabin.  Just quiet.  Birds I can hear but no people.  Wind through windows and the door I have opened but that’s it.

Let me explore this with more roundness and touch, technicality of address.  Where would I want an office if I had one.  I’ve always said like downtown Healdsburg or Sonoma, but I’m not really taken by that idea like I once was.  Then the ocean…. I don’t know.  Tobias Wolff said he doesn’t like views, I think, in some interview I read.  I need a window.  I don’t invite distraction, but I need to see a scene.  People, or water, buildings and architecture.  Downtown Sonoma where the Caddis tasting room is always gets me writing.  Well, the two days I’ve spent there pouring wine and speaking Chris’ story.  I don’t know… what do I want in an office.  How big do I need it?  Not that big… if I could rent a house near the beach like in that one show I used to watch— What was it…. Psych?— That’d be ideal.  But I don’t want ideal.  I want useful… I want practical.  Poetic.  Illustrative, illustrating.  Either way, I need an office.  A space the is definitively and entirely mine.  For writing.