In a mood and need to shake it.  Still with nothing on the board for July.  No contract in yet from that group of lawyers we met on Wednesday.  Making follow up calls today and then some regular I guess what you’d call cold-calls.  Another shutdown is nearly certain for Sonoma County.  Not sure about Marin, or Berkeley.

This is a stage-setter, this AE story, I said to myself at the corner of …. Something and something.  Think Montgomery and Farmers.  Just stay on the phone….. more and more I get a bit anxious about calling.  Not emailing at all, obviously, but calling and being in the street, going door to door.  Where the creativity is antagonized.  Want this all to be virtual, my prospecting efforts.  And not just “eventually” but right now.

Finally have coffee in the home office after going shopping yesterday.  About to make self another cup even though I entirely feel the first two that I put in the tumbler last night.  They’re working, doing their job.  What do I do now, with 26 minutes till my first call.  Follow-up with Wednesday prospect, then call the one in Hamilton landing.  Then call the deli in, what is it …. Berkeley?  No… just called him and now he’s silent.  Thought the other day that if people would just act on the numbers I send them there would be no mood…there would be no anxiety.

Take a breath, I’m advised.  And then what.  Maybe I shouldn’t stay calm… maybe I shouldn’t be patient…. OH, and call the Advertising firm off North Dutton.  The Berkeley law firms I found the other day….  Call the IT people you know….  More notes in AE pages.

I keep forgetting we’re in a global pandemic.  I don’t want to be one of the people in sales or other professions that uses that as an excuse.  I’m not.  I’m frustrated by it.  People don’t want to commit… I get it, then don’t.  Just need a couple contracts to come in this month… that’s all.  How do we do that… easy, right?  I don’t know.  On paper it is.  But real life…..?

Can’t believe I drank all that coffee so quick.  Must have needed it. Think there’s a couple sips left.  Just remembered a list of leads that I have…. And another.  Will hit those as well.

Quiet in the house, for the most part.  Going to be hot so no run.  Will use weights I bought recently.  By EOD I want at the least some assurance from prospect on their proposal.  30-40 calls or call attempts…. And some tangible planning for my virtual ideas.  Steps.  Not “action items” as you’ll hear some pseudo-leaders tout.  But a visible, material, PLAN.

First call queued… number in front of me.  Then another.  Notes for Fall classes, if I do get them.  That was two weeks ago the new chair called me.  Just stay on the phone….  Not sure why I have to keep repeating that.  Do I not want to do it?  Well…. Not really.  But I have to, till I come up with a more solid and dimensionally sound prospecting virtual prospectus.