7/8/20. Had initial meeting at big prospective client’s office.  Contract sent, and now I wait.


I hate waiting, if you know me.  So to ease and quell my patience, I write.  Look through notes, prep for the next day… 7am meeting with Leads group and then in chair making calls and sending emails, marketing ME however I can.  Doing tomorrow, right NOW, if you would.

Emma in the office with me, eating an apple and doing some learning program.  She keeps asking me what I’m working on, and I tell her ‘Just work.” Then she goes back to playing.  In sales you need to play more, just have fun, not give so many fucks as an AE college of mine says.

Writing about sales and doing sales is to take “sales” out of it.  I don’t even want to write about it loosely, or conceptually connected.

Wine…. Didn’t plan on having any tonight, but I am.  Celebrating certain excavations and discoveries, new knowledge.  Ordered a Chardonnay and some red from BevMo by way of DoorDash.  Completely emblematic and symptomatic of the covid/quarantine days.

Notes for tomorrow’s meeting, scribbling some right now.  First note, “Don’t talk about Sonic.” And this is to further emphasize the tenets of Sonic, punctuating and elucidating community… no disdain or discredit.  By not talking about what I represent I ever more forcefully forward from and for what I represent.


SELF NOTE:  More definition pieces… a verse defining something, an essay or page defining something else… SINGULARITY.