AE Story

Following up on anything that can be found.  Already made several calls to prospects that have numbers in their hands to consider.  Looking over notes and connecting with whomever.  Backpack heavy and a pain to lug.  What else can be done… emails, walking street but I’m doing that tomorrow with director, hopefully.  Starting to become definitively frustrated with the evidence of covid’s interference.  Many suggest calm down and rise above it, but I just want INK.

Pulled business cards from box I brought in.  Want more coffee.  Notes in journal…. reviewing.  Changing the architecture of the day, each day.  Slept in… must have been more tired than I thought.

Need haircut.  This quarantine puff has seen its last.

Not many in the office with me.  Can hear a few people, but not many.  Light music playing to my right through phone.

Alarm goes off, then off.

Coffee break, I’m thinking.  Cards ready for calling.  Have other ideas but I feel myself already drying… routine… stick to plan you wrote a couple weeks, or few weeks ago.

No more of the backpack.  Too heavy.  Travel light.  Phones and journal, and that’s it from now on.

Build your brand, your story, your momentum and creative blaze…