3:02pm – Started new website.  Now buying domain, just playing, and will show as sample of work.  By tomorrow morning, I hope to be more fluid and comfortable with the hosting site and builder I’m using.

3:03 Thinking of going for that walk.  Maybe getting a glass of the SB I had yesterday at that place, that new place… what’s it called?  Can’t remember …

Need to email an IT person.  Done.  This next Month, have to keep my eyes looking at sky, and all things documented, more readily and steadily prove my production, have everything translate to contracts.

Now, the Governor says there are more restrictions about to be put in place since people aren’t wearing their masks, not distancing or, and, sheltering….  SHIT.  All good.  Using this condition more effectively than the first months…

Nearing 3:30, and I think it’s time for a scene and setting, atmosphere change.

This month, instruction from its pages, learning.  Still.  Remember tonight… I tell self….  IN CHAIR.  Write… design site… writing and visuals.  Mind your notes, the room you contribute to and that contributes to you.

Nothing myself thinking excessiblef, then again thinking then thinking about the thinking.  And then nothing gets done.  How.. why do I let myself do that.  Good question.  Or dumb question.  Yes, I’d say dumb as it just leads to more thinking.  Writing is freeness, a freeing freeness.

Wine sounds incredible right now, and working from phones… keeping my narrative moving, recording where I am and what I’m thinking.

3:26 – Each minute like a novel.  New character and the character wants something.  I keep thinking about my month and how shitty it was then remember to just elevate self above the 30 days of June 2020.  And laugh, as they’re gone.

Closer to my office, the new creative in this web design experiment… #magicofthemeta, another site to build, but later.

Thinking of Sunriver, how I want to be writing there, writing.. running, waking early and running then writing, then going to the pool, having a glass at the lodge, then home for a bit more writing.  I’m not stopping, this song shows me… some Thievery Corporation remix or collaborative track… bobbing my head, seeing self in office, working from early-early to late-late…. Clients mail in their payments and the business builds.  Want to offer my kids jobs, so they can just revel and be lawless in their creative…. 

3:30 Another idea, for #mikemadigancreative …. Not writing it anywhere.  Want to see if it claws and clings to my sight.  Walk around Santa Rosa… listen to characters, like the Bartender yesterday at Jackson’s saying “When you sell you’re selling yourself…” to a friend of his at the counter.

3:32 Packing, leaving, walking, writing while not touching pen or these keys.