Month all but over.  

At coLAB, again, and just finished sending out some letters.  Had another salad for lunch, this one with no meat.  Grilled veggies rather, meaning mushroom strips (which at first I thought weren’t cuts of their skirt steak), peppers and onions.

Couple more facets of my to-do that I need hit.  Then may walk around Santa Rosa for a bit, get a glass of wine somewhere, not sure.

Mood elevated from yesterday.  Vowing to self to stay at desk tonight, or on the office couch and type.  Going to play with web design ideas a bit.  Just started a log for my web design experiment.  One article I read this A.M., on starting in Web Design, emphasizing simplicity.   Don’t overthink or overdo it.

Feeling scattered.  Already in WD mode.  No, I tell myself… save for later.  Have these LoFi beats playing, low lighting, at small desk or on couch… keep moving.  Drink coffee if you have to.  Actually, should go to the store and get some new decaf.  Stop at store on way home, reasoned.

This morning waking well before 6 and starting day with shower, then downstairs handwriting in journal.

More ideas, more creative…. If I can just keep with the early wake that this morning occurred.  Bed earlier.  Or, eat less and switch to water earlier.

Yawned… need coffee.  Luckily here it’s free.  Free coffee is something deserving of page, for sure…. Not sure when I’m picking up Jack from school, or camp.  Texted Melissa and never heard back, which isn’t uncommon.

Wait… coffee or espresso?