Wrote in journal for a bit, cleaned out car–FINALLY–ordered iced coffee getting away from the over-priced and in no way economically viable latte.

Packing up to go to coLAB.  Will get a sparkling water before.  No more coffee after the iced.  I’m re-writing my character today, and not like I’ve said before.  Something different… all difference… all contrast.

Left message for prospect to call me back, have call at 11:30 and I want to do that at coLAB.  So I should get going, I say to myself.  Starting to talk to self more, and bring things into focus and fruition in a way I haven’t before.

Other dimensions and realities shifted and re-shaped.  How will my character change, react.  What I want to learn, what I want to experience like a reader of a memoir or novel.. the same style of page presence becomes exhausting and frankly boring for a reader.  So… the character changes.  The story changes.

Putting journal in bag.  Readying for leave.  What I want from today, more conversations…. find more leads and use my wine world and industry story to somehow sow something unusually magnetic in the AE sea.

I remind myself, ABOUT EVERYTHING.  That’s what A-E means, to me.  How I will make this what I want it to be.