In Sonic office. Had lunch up the street before arriving here.  Three veggie tacos and a sparkling water.  Wanted to do something different.

Now that I’m here, I’ve been moving quick.  May send out a contract…. Fingers crossed.  Then I’m not sure what I’ll do.  Stay here and write till something happens.  An Account Executive juggles a lot, they’ll tell you.  I like to think of it as playing different instruments, making different forms of music in a short time.  Like Pac when he was released from prison, recording like 24 songs in less than two weeks, I want to say he said he did.

Somebody taping something for shipping in the other cubicle.  Sitting where I did when I started in Enterprise, beginning as an AAE.

Sent out proposal, and have approval on some numbers for another prospect, but I’m going to sit tight for a second.  Not rush.  One minute after 2pm.  Hungry again already.  Definitely should have some coffee, help quell that sting.

Wrote a short poem, haiku, on phone earlier.  Will type here in a bit, and if I remember.  Again thinking of my tasting with Bill the other day.  Can’t order the case I wanted, not yet.  Have to wait a bit.  Asking self again what I really want… from these writings, from this page, from the journals and Sonic, wine, everything…. I’m thinking too much about it, about everything.  Again, “I. WRITE. WINE.” I remind myself, thinking about my visit to Dutcher Crossing, how the wines tasted and where I tasted them in that breezeway with Lilly.  She inviting me to taste two Cabernets blink and I was surprised but not surprised I identified my favorite, the single-vineyard character from Alexander Valley.  Thinking of opening that tonight but then……

How much longer do I want to stay in office.  What else do I have to do.  Yes, letters and conversations, harvesting, casting more net like Dad said.  The quiet in here, more musical than the music I listen to driving.  Think there’s maybe one other person in here with me?  Or 2…. Some gents from the logistics squad more than likely.

Thought about turning on some music, from phone, but then no.  This is just what I want.  All my wined thoughts, seeing the vineyard from the breezeway like yesterday.  More notes to self and an assurance from the world, from all the characters in my story that everything is for the story’s sake.  For me, and my writing.  On wine, on sales, on the AE story, running, coffee, my eventual office, whatever.