Waiting for plumber.

Weather outside begs me to run in it.  If only I would have honored my alarm, already had 6 or eight miles in.  ALREADY.  But you don’t, so…..  Look for businesses, look for conversations.

Some leads I haven’t touched.  Again, I tell myself, create and find and procure your own leads.

Found something that I forgot about… several potential conversations there.

Melissa and Emma having breakfast, or lunch… brunch I mean from cafe up the road.  Was tempted, but I need to fast a little longer, then run.  Fuck, where is this plumber guy?  They give you a range of 10-12 and of course on the day you want to get out and run they push it close as they can to 12.

Calming down, and waiting to hear back from leads but not waiting too long.  Searching for new ones.  Fisherman, casting the net like Dad texted me yesterday.