Plumber arrives impressively late.  Then when he gets here he realizes he doesn’t have the part, the handle to the toilet, which comes as part of a mini-kit if I’m not mistaken and which I told the owner over the phone yesterday.  Has to go to the store, and I’m back to waiting.

Starting to get hungry to the point of foregoing my run.  Honestly, I should have done it this morning.  Just go, I tell myself.  Ignore what your body’s telling you.  I’d urge other runners to do this, but within reason of course. I ate yesterday, and more than adequately so there’s no reason to act pained or truly famished.

Know what my route’s going to be.  Start slow… think about sales, prospecting… waking early.  The perfect day, how to replicate.  Blogging everything, #blogitallrightnowhere as I wrote somewhere, in one of my journals.

Stepped into the sun, and it’s warm.  Of course that will be accentuated once I’m running.  So, slow I decide.  Going to test self in how I manage my pace.

OH.. my new running shoes.  Should I try them out on this run?  No.. break them in, wear them around a bit.

Now, to an extent, my meeting at 4 is endangered.  This plumber, deciding my day.  But only ’cause I’m allowing.