Found something for #bottledaux office.

But not letting myself but it.  No.  Nearly did, but STOPPED.  Stopped cold,  Dead.  No tracks.

Closer to the office, I can not just feel or sense it but clearly see it.

Quiet in house as everyone’s on a walk.  Sip this Lagunitas slow, hear neighbors’ kids playing outside and I’m reminded that with this week I need not merely play more but just explore, wander and walk around.

Already have reports prepared, my draft of flight written, and expenses on spreadsheet to send to accounting.

Bottledaux taking shape and form.  Waking early tomorrow is not just something I have to do but there’s a unique and distinguished necessity to it.

Bed early tonight.  Run early in morning, then flee to these keys.

No sales so far this month. That will change, and not ’cause I’m worried about quota or reporting to anyone.

I, want to get ink.  I, want clients.  This is what I, want.  And what I will get.

Interesting day with the restlessness of the kids and that coupled with my antsy roll to the week. I just want to start.  Why I prepped the reports and expenses and everything else.

More play this week.  Needed.  Not just “part of the business play but assumed.  In these days of covid and quarantine and worry about who has what and if you should be 6 or 8 or 439 feet apart from someone, just need to get out there.

Seeing things, today. And yes, like that.  My office, my son and daughter working there with me.  Dad giving financial counsel.  Me paying him in wine.  And my sister doing tastings for the #bottledaux office.  The visions I’m having now are so real and palpable I’m unsure of how to translate.  But further in love with what I see.

Profuse and climatic possibility in everything.  Wine, open… seeing, scribbling, new sight and right.