Head-start on the week.  Tomorrow’s agenda, written.  Day starts at 5. May do cycling first, then shower, then be at desk.  Will do reports and times tonight.  Shooting for 100 calls, tomorrow.  Blend of physical, email and phone.

Nothing on the board yet so far this month.  People cite the pandemic, and whether true or not that doesn’t appease me.  So I start today.  Working now.

Do what others around you are not doing, and don’t want to.  Cold-calling, hitting doors…. All me.

Latte done.  Not that hungry, surprisingly.  Have to get kids out of the house…. And do what.  A walk?  Bike ride?  Drive?

Sunday in stall.  Crow outside, that crow sound.  Looking forward to the quietest of quiet nights, tonight.  Tend to what I need, no obstructions or interruptions, worry about the day’s makeup and sequence.