Jonathan let me pull my own glass from a rack he has situated on a table upon entry.  He let me select my seat, I got back up and got glass as he poured for another couple.  Started with a Chard, then Vio’, then to red.  End, bought three.  Chard, Carignane, Zin.  Tonight after writing about the visit with more molecular body and weight, I’m scrubbing this Sonic laptop, and writing on it NEVER.  Only in journal.  So how will I type….  Oh, guess I will have to use it.  My point, using it much less.  Want to write by hand more, especially with verse, and wine.

3:35… kids still locked in battle.  Other families out in street, annoying me with their everything, but only when I look.  So I don’t look.  Heading to Mom and Dad’s in a bit, focus on that.  Reading tonight, couple chapters of Coelho.

3:48 = Kids inside, playing with some toy making a drippy-squeeky-ploppy sound. Think it’s that camera Mom and Dad got Jackie years ago.

4pm, will take a while to clean the desktop.  Much more cluttered and littered with PDFs, docs, lists, spreadsheets, and whatever else.  Learned, don’t put anything on desktop if you don’t have to.  If EVER.  Don’t do it.