Don’t know, should I make a wish or something.  Birthday essentially over, kids in bed upstairs asleep… birthday dinner that made me wish I could make something like that, or anything.

Wine and dishwasher running.. my glass last, starting to feel the wine and her vocals and caress and words, persuasive thesis.  I’m being conducted rather than conducting or leading.. my own ideas.  Run tomorrow.

Last glass, from the single-vineyard Cab, St. Francis of course…  no sip yet.  Need to slow.  Tasting earlier at Porter, couple glasses of Sbragia SB at Mom and Dad’s…  I’m in a the wined wind.  Seeing my shop.  Writing about every person that comes in… telling them about my tech story..  Speaking of, Dad gave me his old laptop, but not just like that… he went so far as to transfer all writings and videos, images and all other content from my old Apple monster to a new one, and with more memory.  And, he cleaned it.  Looks like a new fucking computer.  How did he do that…?  How does he do anything that he does, at his age or any other.  AND…. The not-at-all-human human cleaned and repaired the zipper on my laptop case.  I need to get my shit together, I thought… be like that for Jackie, Emma… and the other one coming.  Did I not tell you that?  M3…?  What should his name be?  Maybe…. Raymond… like Raymond Carver… OH.. should order some books of his, birthday present for me.  Didn’t get the shoes or weights as I said I would.. will tomorrow, with the Carver manuscript.

Jack wrote me a card, with a surprisingly acutely accurate narrative inside, telling me what he and his sister and mommy did.. how much he loves me and what his thought-of frame was for the day, for when I returned home from Mom and Dad’s….

Feeling the wine now.  Should stop.  Just listen to the washer.. interesting music.. makes me think of Sonic, the office, both buildings, going for runs on my lunch break…  Forever ago, feeling.  Why.. covid capsule and composition.. started re-start, stated.