5:22, and I’m up.  Minutes ago saw a sweep of lightening flashes, then more thunder.  Rained rather hard for a few minutes, now quiet.  Everything.  I’m unnerved, and annoyed.  I want more.  The “storm” must be moving away from us, our street.  Went upstairs and closed the windows in hall, then in Jack’s room, ours.  Shit, forgot Emma’s.  No rain now, or anything.  Like nothing happened.

Coffee, quiet.  Daylight trying to be noticed like what just happened.  Shouldn’t have had this coffee.  Should have gone back to sleep.  Starting new routine today, more core focus… situps, planks, pushup-holds.

Sipping coffee again, and baristas make their way to my brain.  How early they wake up, what that must be like to do that day after day after….

Crows and other birds.  No thunder.  The quiet in here, so odd.  I yawn, and reason no more coffee.  Will lay down, down here.  Yawn again, crow outside, like nothing happened.


8:05am.  Up did fall back to sleep for a bit.  Difficult at first because of the coffee sips.

Both kids down here, more than active and moving, demanding.  Make Jack some cereal, then you can wager Emma will have the same demand. 

You know I’m already sipping coffee.