Coffey Park, Santa Rosa, CA.


Still in Santa Rosa, still in this corner office, or at this corner desk.  Jackie up early, watching a move.  Me, tried to get a little more sleep but then deciding I’m working.  At desk, till some idea strikes me.  Photography, this business I want to give more life to… happiness and the composition and constitution of it.  Canadian Geese I heard earlier, always reminding me of a certain part of Sunriver, before we owned our house in Circle 10.

Had a Grgich Merlot last night, finally decided to pull the trigger and buy it at Oliver’s.  $30-somehting I believe, while the Cabernet is $50 something and I’m not willing to surrender such for anything from Napa. That sounds like a remark against Napa, or some sort of dig, jab, or criticism.  It’s not.  I just want to invest in my home, my county, SONOMA, before too much anywhere else.  But anyway, the Merlot…. Everything I wanted and needed last night, Friday night after a crazy week, and before today where I want to make something happen.  Force something.  Grab life not by the throat as I’ve heard some say, somewhere, but rather by the hand.  Dance with her.

Have to write the final exams for both 1B sections, and put together an invite, Zoom.  What do I want the premise or anchoring thought of the Zoom meeting to be, not sure.  Just so we can see each other, talk.  Have coffee, relax.  I don’t want it to be planned.  I want it to be, something for all of us to use however we want to.

House relatively quiet, Jack in the other room watching a cartoon, or movie, and for once it’s at a volume where I don’t have to ask him repeatedly to turn it down.  We don’t have to have that back and forth, that tug war of stubbornness and I get my way/you get your way, thing.

Open the blinds, see the streets.  How many times can I write the same thing, a different way… the quarantine desk, the quarantine view, the quarantine symptoms.  Sip coffee again, do another rep of 20 or a couple more with weights.  Find the humor in this, I tell myself….  The same thing over and over.  Not today, I ratify.  Not eating the entire day, and drinking as much water as I ever have if not multiplied by 10.  Okay maybe 8, or 5.  I don’t drink enough water, I know.  As a runner I should be drinking a water tower’s worth every night, right?  And this is my only coffee injection for the day.  Cut back on that, for sure.  And known that for a long time, if I can be honest.

Just became lighter in here, or was that my imagination.  Now dimming.  Is this a quarantine symptom?  I stop, but then order myself to write, keep typing… then think again about the final, 1B. One possible question, “What have you learned about your own reading and writing habits and practices, and how do you plan to maintain them?” Don’t want the semester to end, that’s evident.  Why would I. Great group of students and each meeting teaches me, about ME… writing and how I move further into the covid world with pages, ink, or these keys.