No run.  Girls upstairs, siesta, while Jack and I watch this Tarzan cartoon.

Full from lunch, feel the post-taco tailspin to a nap so I make coffee.  Sent Zoom invite to students for Sunday coffee, will send out final immediately after.

Lazy Saturday, trying not to be technically lazy.  Do I have decaf still in the cupboard?  Need for tonight’s sitting. 

The cartoon’s distracting.  I’m letting it.  Have 13 bottles in queue at Bottle Barn.  Not sure I want to order them just yet.

Notebook left, just by leg, mid-quad like a gun, lower than modern cops of course but like an outlaw… some wild west bloke walking dusty streets looking for something, fight or fortune or both.

Bottledaux as a company… beaming more in my ideas.  The building, the office, the jobs I’d provide for people.  Creative and…. Everything.  Community.  Many of Sonic’s ecosystem traits.

Coffee helping me move.  Someone hammering something in the house behind us, or maybe the one off to the right.  Almost wrote it, the Q word. Sick of seeing it. Sick of hearing it.  Right before this really became our Now, my Sales Engineer and I went to Steele & Hops for a meeting, beer with each other.  We could see it intensifying, the anxiety and distancing, but it hadn’t truly enveloped Santa Rosa, or the world, yet.