Will get to bed early.

Last of the Grgich Merlot in glass.  Coffee made for morning, when I get back from run.  Travel.  Paris.  Some hotel room, finishing a novel in a week. OR, writing it in my apartment there, when I have it.  Wine showing more light and architecture, tonight.  Not sure if I’m surprised or curious, or what.

Was raining earlier.  Not sure it will more this evening.  Never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait till the tasting room is re-opened.  This is not a political statement, or really any kind of statement that’s supposed to do anything, but can we just go back to work?  There’s always a chance we could get sick by… something.  Some germ, some cold, some food poisoning… I don’t know.

Mood about me, this evening.  Kids in bed.  Some people just want to grieve, protest, point out what others are doing or not doing or doing wrong.  Some have all the answers… notice that, ever?  Going to enjoy this Merlot… Merlot… the wine type and shape, tone and proximity that made me curious about wine.  Mom recommending me that Blackstone Merlot, for a dinner with a friend I was having over at my San Ramon apartment.  Seems like another life ago.  And it is, for all analytical angles.  Now the writer here with a Merlot from a Napa producer, typing into night and closer to rest.. thinking of all in the composition.  Where to go next, what to do next…  Where am I running in the morning.  Up San Miguel, right on Coffey, left up Piner, Right on Cleveland.  8:28 now.. could easily get enough sleep.

Coffee in the morning with 1B sections.  Whomever shows.  Coffee for me already made and I’m glad I did… hate being pummeled by time’s swift claw and thorn.

Think I hear it.  Rain.  On the umbrella, back yard.  Fucking dryer or washing machine upstairs eclipses its music.  Shit, shut the fuck up I say in my head but that has no effect need another taste of the wine and then maybe some of my sister’s SB in the fridge that I haven’t yet opened.  Haven’t been to my shop today, yet.  Can fix that with a post.. that SB I bought yesterday.  Had remainder, earlier.  Not impressive, but not slouching or sloped, slopping in its sentiment.  Not sure what it was.  And no category imperative in this sitting.

Lights flicker a bit.  Need a break.  Need more wine.  Need more writing… more time, more than anything.  Last of the Merlot sipped, and that was the most animated and accentuated, convincing since I opened the bottle.  This is why I write wine.. why I chase down new bottles… why I see myself traveling and writing books in one location to next.  Oregon, Washington AVAs…. Finger Lakes, Virginia, Arizona, Canada, my city Paris.  Maybe Bottledaux will be a wine publishing company.  No… but there will be a wine division, and then a sub division of varietal bloggers.. then a sub-sub sect of tasting/flight bloggers.  I’ll have them be known as the ‘flight blogger’, going from flight to flight and noting the notes of the flights’ individual sights.

Thoughts closing the day.  16th of May.  13 from the writer’s birth of day, or day of birth… either way I say my words…