8.52 miles.  Just now 9:01.  Returned to 2052 a bit after 8.  Call with students in a bit.  A couple notes for our first Zoom meeting since this all started.  I hate Zoom, but I figure they might be getting tired of writing and ceaselessly responding blog prompts and responses, responses to responses.  So, we’re Zooming.  The prompt for the meeting, or title I put in the email is as to-the-point of Coffee and Composition.  Made a note about grades, checking in on them seeing how they’re doing in their quarantined story…  And one more note I’ll make in a minute, on the length of the responses to prompts on the final.  ‘Weight and wholeness’, my expectation.  No quick answers, and none that are just bludgeoned by unnecessary length.

Sipping coffee at odd temp.  Something Sedaris said in one of his Masterclass sessions last night, on brevity… on not writing too much.  Not sure if I was hearing him correctly, or got the intention of his intonation, but that’s what I remembered and appreciated, over what I meditated and thoughtfully estimated.

At my desk.  Like it’s a work day.  But then, every day is a work day, to me.  That’s how I want to be, as a writer… one of essays and this blog, notes on everything and whatever else I bring myself to doing.  Pretty sure I have enough time to get a latte, but I’m weird about time, and even with 48 minutes till the Zoom starts, I’m feeling that erosion of the time cushion.  So I stay here.  At the desk.  At this little quarantine table where I prospect new business for Sonic, where I try to build some message… where I seek to shift everything by the time this SIP order is no more.

So quickly things accumulate here.  Had a thought on the run, and it’s funny that this one stuck as all the others as is often the case are lost, of packing my backpack. Stuffing it full of papers, whatever other shit I can fit, to further make spacious and have this quarantine corner more coded for composition.

Dryer going, kids in the other room doing I don’t know what.  They’re quiet so probably doing some learning program.