Conference call in a little bit.

Didn’t set timer last night for fast, or stopwatch I mean.  No matter, running after call.  Or do I run tomorrow morning, and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday.  The hunger to me speaks.  How can I repress it, utterly and decidedly mute it.  Chew gum.  Where’d I put it.

In backpack.  One piece.  Run at most will be 5 miles, which would take me to the end of Coffey, into the vineyard, then into Coffey Park neighborhood.


No run.  Having lunch, as Melissa said she was going to a place we both like in East Santa Rosa, that makes falafel and this Korean burrito that’s simply haunting in everything it does.

I’ll try again for tomorrow morning.  No wine tonight, and in bed before ten, dress in running reality… shirt, shorts, everything except shoes.  Will even have socks attached under sheets.

Eating light today.  First half of burrito for lunch, latter for dinn. 

Real-time writing, just thought. Less editing, more movement, more voltage… more a visible climate.  Like that front you see coming in, approaching, and it closes in.. closer, closer.