Zoom call in 9 minutes.

Didn’t wake early to run.  Going out around noon.  Target is 5 miles.  Rounding down.  Real aim is to run for an hour.

Calls today, another Zoom at 3:30 I think.  May re-schedule, not sure.

First cup, nearly dead.  Can make another quick before meeting.  Just remembered I have another call at 12 or 1-something.  Need to make these early runs and wake-ups happen.  My frustration compiles, will cancel one of the meetings to free self up for run.  Quick, make coffee….


Cancelled meeting or really virtu-happy hour with another AE, the one for 3:30 or whatever it was.  Just ended Zoom with leads group partner.  She telling me about cooking, and farming, planting vegetables, writing a book on urban farming.  And I’m ablaze with ideas, the notes of a character shift become volcanic in my cells and movement in this chair, with this quarantine view of Autumn Walk.  Running when the happy hour was to take place.

Coffee done.  Need another.  Why not.  Collecting notes more than deciding more of a conveyor belt of quasi-polished prose.

Put a baseball on desk last night, forgot about that.  Reminding a writer of San Carlos, the lineup and where I was in it.  Almost always batting fifth, or sometimes third.  Mostly fifth.  They’d put me in Right Field.  Loved it.  Kept me busy, but loved the isolation and quiet, how the slow and thin wind touches would speed between mid-ear and rim of hat.

Getting on phone soon… remember idea from a call yesterday with a former student who works for an online teaching platform.  Thinking about a resume or CV/Letter class.  Written communication to not so much sell self but speak self.

Birds off to right, in street.  Hear music in everything… smaller bird then next measure is a crow.  Small bird again, then some movement from daughter in family room.

955:  Made some calls, one interested lead, then another inbound lead… taking out notebook Mom bought me, writing sales/speaking notes… preparing new course.  Not sure if for Udemy, but……  Maybe.  Have everything start from writing.