Jackie in his zoom class.  My meeting done.  Car to be done by 5. Which puts a squeeze on my 5pm meeting, potentially.


Emma playing Christmas music, dancing around the family room floor, lipping and sometime singing the track, pointing her figure lecturing in conjunction with.

Back at desk.  Set stopwatch.  Will not get up for at least 90 minutes I tell myself.  Even for bathroom breaks.  So sip the coffee slow, I tell myself.


Jack attempting homework, but complaining.  Having to write about something at which he excels and could teach others.  His mother washes a couple dishes and says she will help him soon.  She goes to him as soon as she’s done, but nothing she says suffices  Obvious quarantine symptoms.  He then mocks her, and is told to not be rude.  Then quiet.  This locked-in-place changes the character, the mind, the sight…. Everything.  How I parent, how they be kids.


Idea from director to check out leads in an area close by.  May be how I start, now that I think about it.  Maybe don’t go down to Marin.  Or, do some light combing of certain buildings, and streets.