Up from a nap, or attempt at one.  Back at desk. Where do I start.  Want more coffee.

Need leads… and a way to have my own funnel and so that NO ONE can get to them before me…  Noting one thing, but not here. Keeping secret.. more than secret.  UNSAID.

Starting this new move, already.  Writing notes, prospecting certain roles and types..  traversing, re-angling, doing all in a contract to the regularized regular.  I discredit time but acknowledge it as well.

Single story. Use everything already present, I tell myself.  Building the business with more accelerated noise and nuance.

New coffee, still at desk.  Building a business, that’s what this story is.  Days decades ago when I had my mock-baseball card shop on the lower level of the San Carlos home.  Then later doing copywriting by assignment, social media creative and blog communication and sight-design [explain that later…].

A new business show itself to me.  Like a dream while away, or awake in a scenic and tangible dream.  This new tell, evocative, is to get me to MY office.  That’s really nothing new at all… but I want to remind myself of something singular.  So no distraction.  When I get out of this quarantine, when at the San Rafael Starbucks, or coLAB, with no kids running around me in strategically dizzying and separating circles, I’ll know the Road.  The singular way and expressive highway to get where the writer’s needed.