Kids watching some puppy movie, where dogs have moving mouths, mouths that move like a human’s I intended, and I get time in the office.  One last cup of coffee.  No writing aim in mind, just notes… watch some writing or wine video.  Productivity isn’t the aim.  Information, learning… that is.  Was tempted to take a nap, but resisted.

The Chardonnay I had last night, eh….  The Arista Pinot, the last of the Arista six I recently picked and bought, had delivered… just astounding.  Thought about having some wines delivered from Bottle Barn, as I just heard they deliver, but no.  I know they’re doing curbside pickup…  Maybe do that?  Looking at blends and other reds below $20, most of which I’ve never tasted.  Need to put more life into my shop, the wine blog… just have wine conversations with people….  More of it.  I don’t need to be trying dozens of different wines to do that…. Not sure why I think I do.  I don’t have the budget for such.  Still have plenty of St. Francis wines from that case I bought the other day.  Start there.

The last Zin I opened was corked.  Will replace on Monday, if I can.  Might do….. Zin, again.  The Old Vine Zin, or OVZ as I’ve always called it, as anyone who’s ever worked in the St. Francis tasting room has, has always been one of those zins that could snap me from my Zin mood.  Also have that MacCrostie Chardonnay I bought yesterday…  And then I remember that I don’t need ANY wine to write about wine.  I won’t write it like the others… I define and personify wine, tell wine stories from my wine stories and observations, record…. The time I went to my first winery in California, Ridge Montebello in the Cupertino hills, or ‘Santa Cruz Mountains’.