Emma upstairs, playing, talking to herself and her dolls, making them talk… one of them just said “Come into my office.”

I laughed and I think she heard me.  The back and forth between characters is harder now to hear.

“Ummm….. 77…. 494… 33899….” Think she’s talking about a phone number.  See what I mean?  Kids know everything, how do make a moment what you want, not just how to amuse yourself but how to be happy, how to be creative, how to stay moving and connecting to the Now.. how to draw a new Now.

3:34pm.  Done with lunch, sent an email, and there’s a lazy lace in the day’s space.  I feel like, well, not doing much.  Jackie mentioned going for a drive, but where?  Maybe to Healdsburg and back? Or Windsor?  No idea.  Would to take a nap as Emma does now with her mom.

Notebook for work, closing it.  Think I may be done for the day.