8:02. Calling and follow-up today, in addition to looking for new businesses.  Have some calls to make at 9 then into more conversations.  Want to connect with others in other associated fields as I noted yesterday.

Logging as many conversations as I can, by person and result, and how I contacted them.  Something I’ve done before but of course you get distracted or forget to log a couple and think to yourself ‘Eh….’ Today, conversation and quantity, as quantity will be much of the quality, in the aim itself.

Cleaned office area a bit.  Just revisited or was revisited by an idea about writing an AE story… not a how to, but how ‘I…  One thing, keep the conversation alive and in-flight.  Don’t be prospecting, be meeting people, learning about them… don’t sell YOU but invite them to know you and invite yourself to know them.

Using one of the new journals Mom bought me for the AE Sea as I call it… a body of thoughts and reaction, musings and experiences.  And this, working from home, being FORCED to work in home because of the SIP order is interesting… teaching me to minimize where I can, however I can.  Keep taking notes, ready self for release into the streets.  Know where I’m going to station first, that Starbucks on 4th in San Rafael.  Plan and measure route, and just go.

Want to look over some past notes, but I don’t know where they are—Yes I do, some offsite storage.  No matter since I have plenty to look over in this document right here, and others on this laptop.

Sumatra, this morning’s cup.  Not strong, or rich, or anything in excess but just what I need right now, this morning, whatever day it is in quarantine.  Should start writing my reaction to Karl’s works.  Gave him a general response in one of my first emails to him.  Will write something more fermented and tall later in the afternoon.  His compliments to me were observations I’ve heard before about my pages, and reminders to keep writing as I do.  Don’t try to be like Kerouac or Sedaris, Eggers or Carver, Plath or anyone.  Just stay me, and everything I am as a writing character.  AE, to me, or how I’m writing this note to anyone else we hire for such a spot, stands for About Everything.  How you do this, not even this role but anything in your story entails and begs everything that you are as the present human doing it.

Know the first call I’m going to make, and the second… then after that, calling on old inbound leads.  There has to be something in there.  Leads and how people talk about them are funny to me, like Leads are these scared and reclusive creatures you have to cleverly hunt.  Leads are everywhere.  Everyone you know knows something you should probably know for the beat of your business.

Writing down more thoughts for the day, the weekend, and next week when I’m finally free from this lock.