…  Class tonight.  We’re approaching an assignment where they will write about a story from their own life.  Monday’s class I suggested they start with characters, and many of them had already started their work with such an address, of someone, someone they know, love, or just know really well but don’t necessarily love or even like.

Canvassing today for business, for my AE story and everything else.  For ME.  Conversation, don’t sell.  And not canvassing, but drawing.. new realities and projects.  No doing your job so much is doing your job more justice, doing it better I’m finding since starting this AE story. Allergies attacking but I’m in a mode of production, so they don’t stop much.  Nearly done with my tumbler of coffee I made last night, I think.  That would explain the sped fire and stroke to my typing at this desk this morning.  Jack and Emma go into the other room and play together, one of their learning games.  Jack assumes a teacher-y talk with his sister, mentoring her and showing her things, what to do and how to do, even topped with a layer of why.  They teach me how to get to my wine quarter, how to learn French before 5/29… how to do everything better.