Melissa teaches her class.  I celebrate every time she mutes them.  Jack had a tantrum following his attack on Emma, after she invaded his room.  There is absolutely a 38th parallel-esque skirmish going on with them today.  Jack on the couch, on tablet with headphones on.  Fine.

Emma, same, at kitchen counter just behind her mother doing her Zoom teaching.  Perfect.

Will need a run today.  At some point.  Would go now but have that call at noon.  Already had a call with this one.  Why do we have to do another, I say to myself.  Just fucking sign with me.

No class tonight, and I’m elated honestly.  Tend to other projects… vvv blog, running idea, newsletter, other sights.  This morning is just a stress swamp.  I just think about the run, focus on that… running in that vineyard off Coffey, then into the neighborhood off Hopper.  If I could just get 5 miles in, or a touch more, I’d be jubilant.

More notes… shouldn’t be writing this much in the day.

Need wine… none in house I like.  Shit.

Just saw something in the news that said unemployment could be as high as 20% by June.  Have to rely more on self for income, just in case something happens.  Everything stretching from my stream of notes.. to self and then to any reader…

Note:  Calm self, see self, write self.  Build from the calm you compose from yourself.

11:08… literally counting the minutes till my call.  And the run.  I’m thinking 10k, now.  But…. Have to keep self contained, not overdo.

What’s the temp outside…  75 already.  Shit.

11:22….  Heard Melissa ask her class about one fun thing they’re going to do today.  My ONE fun thing, among others but thinking in that frame….  The run.  And I’ve decided.  10k.  Have short and shirt set out… shoes next to this desk.  Running… RUN.  Everything about the run.  I want to earn that glass, those glasses, of wine later.  What, though… what’s on the flight…?


Me trying to write a proposal, Emma playing with some loud voice toy, and Jack on a Zoom call for school.. The day continues to taunt me..