Feeling a little lost and frustrated this morning with the kids going every way they wish and want and wonder, and how many clients I’ve contacted and sent out estimates for and am losing track.  Need to come up with a better system.

Started new system of tracking…. Looking on LinkedIn for new conversations.  Virtual.. don’t need to be in the street, I’m telling myself this morning.

Logging everything I do, and will elaborate and analyze in EOD.

Outside now, working while kids ride their whatevers close to house.

Thinking too hard about everything, too … too much.  Excess in all stresses and edges.

Daughter wears a shirt reading on the front in subtle but stark gold font “Today will be great.” Buying into that, wholly and fully.  INVESTING in that mind, that time, that sign and rhyme.

Notes, on everything… Hear birds like I haven’t before on this street.  Emma comes back from a search, riding her scooter close to me.

Starting to warm, and then a breeze.  Bagel earlier, so I can maybe fit in a run.  NO, go in the morning only going forward.

Designing tomorrow starting with morning run, then work, then writing… or writing then work.

No work to be done at desk.

Emma, so into her scooter and how she can make it move, go quick.  I focus on her focus, on her composition and contentment in riding a scooter. She doesn’t think, at all about the action, just pushes with that one foot.