Have a sales call in a few minutes, but am in no mind to do it.  Just had a request for a formal contract, meaning a good-size sale for me, but I’m not excited.  I’m too tired to be excited. 

What do I do…

Have to teach myself what I offer the students, with ideas…. Words I voice to get them more in a mode of self-empowerment.

Just write notes.  On everything.

Do the call, then submit the contract to this new client.

Need lunch.

More than that, I need a drive.  A break from the house.

This house, this house, eating away and my useful inner paragraphs.


Lunch done.  Had the sushi I bought for Jackie at Oliver’s yesterday.  Have to get out of this fucking house… should I just go for a drive?  Just leave and drive.

Fly in the office, just buzzing around like an idiot.  Look at what quarantine had brought me to, insulting a fucking bug.